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Thread: Feedback needed please

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    Feedback needed please

    Any of you guys ever used/been around those safety squat deals that BFS makes? They are a beeper device that wraps around your thigh.When you hit parallel they beep.The coaches are thiking about getting a couple for the weightroom.
    Thanks for the help.

    Ryan Hale

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    One of the highschools I work with has them.

    Waste of money.

    They take a bit of time to strap on to each lifter, which when you have 20+ guys in there that adds on significant time to your workout.

    BFS has some seriously overrated crap.

    Just set the saftey pins in the rack at the height that each lifter needs to squat down to and have them squat down until the bar hits the pins, then go back up. Rotate this in with parallel box squats and you'll be fine.
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