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Thread: Cardio and diet

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    Cardio and diet

    I see that quite a few folks say one needs to eat more if lifting and doing cardio. What happens if one doesn't? What if I do both and don't modify my diet?

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    you'll lose weight and perhaps gain a bit of muscle/harden up your muscles.

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    You will lose fat and gain muscle for a short period (1-3 months). Then you will lose fat and muscle until you eat enough food consistently.

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    Depends on your metabolism really. Worst case is that nothing happens and you waste your time always doing the same weight, same distances for the same times, never improving and always looking the same. A sort of stale-mate for your body.
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    yeah you should be at least progressing in strength goals...if you're not then you're probably wasting your time or at best maintaining.

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    At some point (hard to say when, exactly), your muscles will stop growing and you'll stall on your lifts. You should start getting leaner at that point and possibly start losing muscle.
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