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Thread: new guy! this schedule ok?

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    new guy! this schedule ok?

    well i decided its about time to get serious about puttin on a little more muscle mass. ive tryed to on my own but its not that effective so im hopin someone on this site could help me out. well first off the names zack. im 130lbs., 5'5", gonna turn 17 at the end of august (yeah im a short one). im gonna be a senior in about a month and im not expecting to get ripped before school starts but i think i could make a little more improvement.

    i dont even really know if my workout schedule i have right now is even right. i start the week off with arm day.

    ARM DAY: 4 sets of everything
    bicep curls- 12 reps with 30lb. dumbbells
    lying tricep extension- 10 reps with 25lb. dumbbells
    lateral raises- 14 reps with 25lb. dumbells
    wrist curls- 20 reps with 25lb. dumbell

    CHEST/STOMACH DAY: 4 sets of everything
    pushups- 15 reps with 50lbs. weight on back & 20lb. band (dont have bench)
    dumbbell flys- 15 reps with 30lb. dumbbells and 20lb. band
    bench- 15 reps with 30lb. dumbbells and 20lb. band
    sit ups- 20 reps, 6 sets

    (alternate between days)

    anybody out there that can tweek this schedule to make it even better would be much appreciated. also, im lookin more to gain mass, not really get cut, so its more weight, less reps, right? i got all the weight in my house on my dumbbells haha i only have 30lbs. for each, a 20 lb. band, a backpack, and a jump rope haha lame. and ive tried making a leg routine but with nothing but dumbbells i dont know what workouts to do. anybody with that info would be awesome! anyway thanks alot i hope somebody can revise this schedule for some major growth. i wish i had my body measurements but i dont, sorry. THANKS!
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