Hello, So I had a bit of a big weekend, too many brews not enough sleep etc. So today I decided to start a journal.

Benchpress 55kgs 5x5

Deadlifts 52.5 3x8

Pullups. since i can only do like 3. i do as many as i can do, then do a few more with assistance. I did 3 sets of this.

Fly's 3x8. (I know no one on here likes flys, but I do haha)

Tricep pulldown 3x8 (again, like flies haha)

I finished up with 20 mins of cardio mainly on eliptical machine.

So today I ate good as well. So far i have had.

4 eggs for and a chicken Sandwhich for breakfast.

chicken breast and rice for mourning tea

A steak sandwhich and an apple for lunch

I have not had dinner or afternoon tea yet. whatever mum makes... lol