Lower C

I am straying a bit, so I don't want to keep a journal under the title of DC training. For those who have been following my other journal, you will see what I mean after a few entries and should be able to figure out what I am doing. The routine is still very inspired by principles like rest pause sets and weight progression. I am going to continue this as my my current "blast". Again it is pretty easy to see what I am doing, but if you have questions I will try to answer. This is my training set up, inspired by others, but not suggested by anyone. I have thought about something like this for sometime. I would not suggest doing this. Let me see how it goes.

Barbell Curl- 120 lbs x 25 reps rest paused

Standing Calf Raise in the Smith- 3 plates per side + 20 lbs per side x 21 reps rest paused. 3 second top hold

Facing the machine V-Squats- 4 plates per side+ 25 lbs per side x 24 reps

Stretches after the appropriate exercises