Competed today. Bit of a downer. Did not hit any pr's. I can tell myself this was still worth doing, as it is the lightest I have competed at, 213 with no cut whatsoever and weighing in with full clothes. Just didn't have it today though.

Raw 220 classic, so no knee wraps

Squat. I pitched forward on every squat attempt. Thought I eliminated this, but reviewing the videos my head positioning was attrotious.

510-good. Felt better walked out when I did it in the gym last month.
530- plan was to go to 540, but with how 510 went dropped a bit. Didn't matter, though I felt the strongest on this descent.

290- was following the plan here. This was the best feeling attempt, but stalled after I went off the chest.

580- good
625- initially was gunning for 630, but decided to go for a 5 lb pr. Break the floor and had nothing after that.

Feels like I wasted 15 weeks. There is always something to learn though.