I am 22, 193 lbs, 6'1". I have been trying to seriously bulk up in the past 1-2 months by changing my diet like you guys recommended. The only meat I eat is fish because I want to eventually become a vegetarian. My goal is to bulk up with muscle mass but lately I have been noticing I am gaining some fat in my stomach. Guess this is normal but it really irks me. This is an average meal plan for me:

Breakfast: 1 flaxseed oil pill, 5 egg whites, 1 scoop of ON Whey Protein, bowl of old fashioned oats or Kashi GoLean High Protein cereal, apple
Mid Morning: 1 scoop of ON Whey Protein, Peanut Butter sandwich, 1 bagel, banana
Lunch: Can of tuna wrapped in wheat tortilla, broccoli, black beans or red kidney beans
Mid Afternoon: 1 scoop of ON Whey Protein, large handful of almonds, celery, bowl of old fashioned oats
Dinner: Can of salmon mixed with large plate of egg noodles or brown rice, green beans or salad, black beans or red kidney beans
Before bed: Lowfat cottage cheese, 1 scoop of ON Whey Protein (Either now or afterworkout at 6 before dinner)

So my Macros for the meal plan that I used yesterday:
Calories: 3,298
Fat (g): 70.4
Carbs (g): 423.8
Protein (g): 258.6

Fat (19%)
Protein (31%)
Carbs (50%)

I am attaching the screenshot of the foods I entered. So how does this look? On a lot of foods besides my proteins, I noticed I am using more than one serving. Should I just go to one serving for pretty much everything besides protein?

EDIT: It says that my file is to big to upload on here but all it is is 2 screenshots of my computer on two sheets of Microsoft Word. Any help on how I can show this to you?