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Thread: Still Need a Little Convincing on SS

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    Still Need a Little Convincing on SS

    I know I've been bugging the hell out of this forum with questions lately, and I really appreciate the help.

    Before I started considering SS, I would do 8 - 12 rep ranges on DB bench press, DB incline press, DB curls, one arm rows, tricep pulls, lateral arm raises, etc... the "normal" stuff you see folks doing at gyms. I would do a bunch of ab stuff, some leg curls, and a ****ty form of squats.

    However, at the end of a workout, I would feel pretty taxed and would have sweated through my shirt.

    So I started SS on Saturday. I'm doing the novice program thingy that omits power cleans (and I don't intend this to be a power clean discussion) and instead alternates pull ups/chin ups every workout (this program is on the Starting Strength wiki).

    So I've done two workouts at this point. My legs are SORE as hell from the deep squats (which I assume is ++), but I don't feel taxed. When I finish the workout I don't feel taxed. Maybe it is because I'm still on light weights, I don't know... these are my numbers as of last night (obviously will add weight for the next workout as per the program):

    Squat: 135 (although I will probably roll this back slightly and ramp back up to strengthen my form)

    Bench: 155 (I can bench more but starting a little easy b/c of a chest injury)

    Press: 95 (first time ever to do a standing press)

    Deadlift: Not sure yet as the first time I was just getting the form (first time ever to DL)

    Pull-ups: 1 set of 5, 1 set of 3, 1 set of 3

    Weighted hyperextensions (on my non-DL day): 10 lbs. x 20 reps x 3 sets
    Weighted incline situps: 25 lbs. x 20 reps x 3 sets

    The lifts would be hard towards the end, esp. squat and the press, but not so hard that I couldn't complete them. I'm trying to take this slow.

    However, my main issue here is I don't feel like I've given my all. Maybe that comes with more weight but I REALLY wanted to add to the program last night but held off. I was thinking of hammer curls, overhead tricep pulls, and bent over rows. I'm trying to give this program its fair shake, but my experience with weight training has been taxing sessions (all the way back to high school football where we would work our ass off outside and then come inside to the weight room to start working our ass off again).

    I just need to know that I'm doing this right. I'm not sore AT ALL anywhere above my waist line. I feel like I should be beat to hell feeling after a workout, but I have not even been close with SS yet except for the sore legs. I know it's only been two workouts so far but I'm not feeling taxed during them.

    EDIT: my personal goals regardless of program are to gain muscle and strength plus look good... I'm 33 years old, 6' 3", and 200 lbs.
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    If you want to feel "taxed" and "worked", go out and run 10 miles. You'll feel "taxed", but it isn't going to do anything for building muscles.

    So, what kind of results did you get from your "taxing" dumbell routine before? I'm guessing it wasn't stellar since you started doing the SS routine.

    Keep adding weight to the bar, eat well, and you'll see the results. Give it time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenFitness View Post
    However, my main issue here is I don't feel like I've given my all.
    Then give it your all.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZenFitness View Post
    Football coaches are usually strong but they look like ****. I'm 33 years old, 6' 3", and 200 lbs.
    A generalization thats not necessarily true and an insult to all football coaches. Very nice ( not ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTallOx View Post
    A generalization thats not necessarily true and an insult to all football coaches. Very nice ( not ).
    Absolutely, that was a side comment and you are exactly right, it was rude and off base. I should say "my" football coaches because I was an offensive lineman. I always found my coaches to be strong as hell but look like squat beer bellies. So yes, that was a generalization... my point was more towards what do the SS results look like. I'm going to edit that out because that was a ****ty thing to say. And, in defense of all football coaches, my next door neighbor is a football coach and runs 10 miles every day *hard* and is fit as hell and looks the part.

    RE: giving it my all, however, that's my complaint. So far I feel like I can do *more* than SS is giving me, but I don't want to upset the program.

    And my dumbbell routine did produce results and I look hella better than when I started. I'm just doing more research now and trying to find something other than my homegrown program (i.e. something that is organized that will hopefully in the long term produce better results). I do need to be patient with this program, yes, but I'm not a 6'1" 135 lbs. guy who is trying to gain weight. I've got a good sized frame and already have good weight... I know I'm throwing a bunch of **** out here but I want to be sure I'm doing the right program that will produce good results.
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    1) This is a strength program. All that matters is that you add weight to the bar every workout, not some arbitrary measure of how much you sweat.

    2) You don't feel like you're giving it your all because you're not giving it your all yet.
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    SS is about adding weight to the bar every workout. Therefore, every single workout will be harder and harder and harder......

    Try it for a few months at least, and if you're not happy with the results, then switch to something else. If at very worst, you spent a few months lifting heavy weights and learning something.
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    Thx guys... yeah I think I'm just impatient and wanting to know I'm on the right track. Thanks for the perspective on the program.

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    bro you've posted like 9 of these types of threads. just do the workout and keep adding weight, at some point it will catch up to you. I do my 4 exercises and I can hardly walk/move at the end of my workouts. Just keep at it.
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    Add weight EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT. And if you think that you can't do the last rep, force yourself to do it anyways. The program will get hard fast.

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    No one is going to convince you. The routine speaks for itself. Just be patient.

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    You're definitely just thinking this because you've only just started out. If you add weight every workout, you'll be sore as hell after a few weeks once you really start failing on those last reps.
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    I'm doing SS right now. I've been doing it for 8 weeks (although I started 9 weeks ago -- took a week off when I moved and didn't have a gym for a week) and have gained about 15lb with very little fat gain (although that has just as much to do with diet as it does the routine). I haven't gotten sore from working out since the first two weeks.

    Just keep at it, and keep eating.

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