Basically for the last 3.5 years, I have been strictly following routines. First I started out with NROL (which does a lot of routine switching and changing of reps and sets). I then moved onto SS into the texas method.....After a while I realized that I could just design my own routine, and I made a decent upper/lower split that has been working well for me. But basically, I have always been following some sort of template.

In my MMA class, the way we train is we are always doing something different. Sometimes we do circuits, sometimes we spar, sometimes we'll do some crazy cardio sessions, sometimes well do strongman stuff like tireflips and atlas stones, etc.... It's basically always something different.

I'm wondering if I started doing that in the gym....Like maybe one day I'll work up to a heavy single on the DL followed by a burnout set and some random assistance exercises. Then the next day, I'll do some upper body push/pull stuff for higher reps and higher volume. Then the next day I'll bang out some 20 rep squats. Then the next day work up to 5RM on bench followed by assistance. Then the next day, maybe some barbell circuit training....etc.... Basically every day in the gym would be something new, something challenging (whether it's going for a RM or just something that will have me almost puking), never neglecting any major movements, etc...but basically I'll be switching it up every time I'm in the gym to keep it interesting...

Does anyone else train like this? And if so (or even if not) what are your thoughts?