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Thread: Diary of a The Bar Bender: Old School effort, and New School Science

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    Diary of a The Bar Bender: Old School effort, and New School Science

    Well well, this will be like journal number 4 to 5ish, first one in well over a year. Since ive began posting here a lot more might as well keep a log.

    As many of you know im a former collegiate athlete who has a lot of training experience under his belt, Was a 295 pound offensive lineman, now im down to around 240 with new workouts and such

    Ive been working ever since i was 13 in the 8th grade and now im 24. The last two years of training, experimenting, reading, researching ideas and strength training techniques I've come up with What i consider a pretty solid base of programming and some solid loading parameters, exercise selection, frequency, cycling of exercises, and poundage's.

    basic goals of the workout is to become strong as possible without gaining any extra weight, dropping this body fat off first goal would be to weigh 220 pounds and have single digit body fat, right now im in the upper teens at 240ish.

    Rules of the workout are pretty simple 4 total body workouts. Each workout will consist of a push, a pull, Squat variation, and deadlift variation, total body exercise, and core work.

    There will be no loading of the spine in consecutive workouts.

    Weights will be heavy, reps will be low, sets will be high. This way i dont train to failure, you get enough volume to induce muscle growth, tension remains high enough to build strength, sets will be timed to no more than 1:30 between sets.

    Exercises will be cycle every 8 weeks, and poundage's will be wave loaded on 4 week cycles, looking to add, 10-20 pounds per week on the load, depending on the exercise.

    Right now im not taking any supps, just food and such. This is a very old school classic based routine on heavy lifts, heavy pulls and high frequency.

    diet is basically meats, veggies, fruits, and natural foods that grow, im not counting calories, im eating to stay satisfied, keeping carbs limited and loading up on good food

    With this plan my goal is to get as strong as humanly possible through using great technique and hard work. Hopefully soon you will see some sledge hammer swinging, Tire flipping, Kettlebell swinging, Sandbag Training, Keg Lifting and sled dragging, All of this will come in due time when I get a new job and more money to afford these things but believe you me they are coming.

    Old school Effort with new school science and I will see where it takes me
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