My girl friend and I usually go down to the gym at the same time. It's nice that we both like to workout and I don't have to nag her about it.

Anyways I usually head to the weight area to do my SS workout and she usually heads to the cardio area to run or bike or whatever.

However last workout she wanted to lift with me. I think maybe because we had talked about some girls who lift look nice because you can tell they have some strength and look well rounded out physique wise.

I wasn't sure what she should be doing so she tried to do some of what I was. She did some squats with me.

She started out doing just her body weight, and could not get to parrallel as these are her first time doing squats. She got pretty sore after doing 3 sets of 10 reps.

Long story short is, if she wants to lift with me what is a good workout for her? Should she be doing the SS workout with me as a very very novice lifter?

She is a pretty skinny gal, maybe 5'8 - 5'9 120lbs? She is looking to clean up some flab on her legs, but, and belly.

Granted she doesn't have to do any of it. I lover her the way she is and she goes down and exercizes because she wants to.

Any ideas would be great.