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Thread: What is proper form for Floor Press?

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    What is proper form for Floor Press?

    I am integrating floor presses into my routine and am curious about the proper form. If doing the leg straight version, do you retract the shoulders? Do you keep elbows out or bring them in? Since I am just starting with these, I would rather do them right to start then having to correct because I have hurt myself.
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    Set up the way you normally do except with your legs straight
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    I either keep my legs straight or keep them bent, I guess it depends on how I start the workout. I won't change it up in the middle of a workout. But I do keep my elbows in and when I press it up, I press it back to my head and flare my elbows on the way up. I even raise my head as im bringing the bar down, as if im wearing a bench shirt.
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