Im entering a Strongman comp. Which is in 2 weeks. I havent trained and im no expert. Really a spur of the moment kinda thing. I've asked all the pernant questions like events, weights ect. The events are-

Log Press-225 reps/60 seconds
Farmer 250lbs each hand 50' down and back 60 seconds (one drop allowed)
Deadlift 405 for reps 60 seconds (no straps)
Atlas Stones 280 Stone over bar (average chest height) 60 seconds
Tire Flip 600lb Tire, flips 120 seconds

Im familar with all the events and am not really worried. But if I had to pick 1 event im not sure about its the Farmers walk. Is 250lbs PER HAND alot of weight on the farmers walk? I mean, i downloaded the entry and it says 250lbs farmers walk, so to clarify I asked the director if it was 125 each hand or what, but he says its 250 each hand, so im not sure if thats tough or what. Thanks for the info guys.