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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    Well I've been wondering about a few different things, and for safety reasons, am looking into a few things.

    1 - I'm looking into getting a squat rack. How much do they cost and where can I get them?

    I'm doing SS at home, and I'm in a bad position for squats. I have to start off of the bench press. And I also don't have a spotter. Which puts me in a bad situation whenever anything goes wrong (I'm EXTRA careful, as you would imagine). With a squat rack, I would be much better off for squats starting and stopping, and if it went low enough, I could pull a bench under there and BP using it. That way if I don't have a spotter and need to lose the weight, the rack can catch it since it will be at the bottom of the press. Which is a lot safer than having it at the top.

    2 - This is a technique question. I haven't been powercleaning for long, and I'm having a hard time trying to do it like in some of the videos I dug up for help. Whenever I do the little jump, it isn't quite as explosive as some I see. And I'm trying, trust me. And I don't stay in the same position as before the little jump. As in my feet are crooked or something. However that one I can fix with just a little experience.

    And do you even need the little jump? Would it work you just as hard to just lift the weight without moving my legs? Or would that take away from the idea of the exercise?

    3 - How necessary is chalk? I know what it's for, but for the past few years I never used chalk or gloves or a belt or anything. Did everything COMPLETELY raw. Is this not smart? What could this cause?

    All help and advice is appreciated.
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    Answer to question 1, search on its date louie simmons site to buy equipment to take a look at good equipment and racks, then check out amazon for lower prices, a good rack will run u around 800-1000 bucks for a basic set up, just make sure its a sturdy frame, and has holes that go all the way to the ground, and 4 pins preferably.

    answer to question 2: find someone with some experience to teach you the power clean, its highly technical, and its hard for me to explain exactly what is going on, to me from what im reading your having glute firing issues, hip stabilization issues, mid back weaknesses and poor trap activation and it would take me about 2 pages of typing to tell you how to correct them but u can see it for yourself and it needs to be coached, just really look up vids of rippetoe on youtube coaching the lifts

    answer to question 3: it depends on grip, if ur a person with sweaty hands and u wanna get stronger without straps, chalk is amazing and its good stuff. Especially for bars with the knurling thats worn off, but good chalk and good knurling, makes a wonderful grip, if ur gym allows it use it on ur heavy sets, its good ****
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    I think I'd rather make a homemade one. Take a little planning and measuring and cutting and welding, but I think it'd be a lot cheaper than that...

    As for the powerclean, I lift at home. Can't do it at school for another year (no clue why...). Several things interrupting with me going to a gym. Anyways, I don't have anybody to help teach me it. Are there any good videos or anything about technique on powercleaning that might help me some?

    And again, I lift at home. I can use whatever I want (well as long as it's cleanable, but chalk is, so no biggie). Would I be able to find chalk at Hibbetts? Unless I drive over an hour to a bigger city, that's the best place for lifting. I doubt WalMart has any.

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    Check craigslist for a squat rack.

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