I am a novice PL and an elementary P.E. teacher. I have limited equipment and typically teach 60-80 kids at a time. My individual time with students is obviously limited. That being said, our school has had 5 state champions and 1 national champion in track and field since I have taught there. I am by no means an expert on T&F but I am a motivator and have awesome kids. I would like some advice and assistance exercises to increase performance in the following events/areas.
1. Push ups (this is the movement most students have trouble with during fitness testing). We do lots but I am thinking there is a need for assistance exercises.
2. Standing Long Jump.
3. Sprint speed.
4. Mile times
5. Softball throw for distance
6. Best workout for fat loss (most of my kids are in good shape but some just don't respond to training at all- eack student has 150 minutes a week of P.E.).

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.