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Thread: Routine with only resistance bands

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    Routine with only resistance bands

    Hi, again i am going on holiday for a week, and i would just skip the week, however the holidays recently have been so hectic that i don't think i can afford to skip it. so, i have some resistance bands, fairly strong, not too bad, i can do most exercises with them, i can make them more resistant if need be. that is all i have, and possibly a bed/ chair to do exercises on, and floor space, etc. i would like to be able to do my entire body, so i was thinking of something like:

    workout 1

    dynamic stretch warm up
    press-ups, feet on bed, resistance bands on arms/ over back. 2 sets of 10
    squats with resistance bands. 2 sets of 15
    Lateral raises with bands. 1 set of 15
    tricep dips with hands on chair/ bed. 2 sets of 10
    shoulder press with bands. 1 set of 20
    Bicep curl with bands, one hand at a time. 2 sets of 10
    (something to do with the back? for a couple of sets)
    Static stretching to finish

    workout 2

    Crunch. 1 set 10 reps
    Pulse up against a door 1 set 10 reps
    side crunch, per side. 1 set 10 reps
    oblique V-up. 1 set 10 reps
    V-up. 1 set 10 reps
    Reverse crunch. 1 set 10 reps

    as you can see, the second workout is specified to abs (my girlfriend wants me to get more defined abs, i will be eating less also.
    so the layout will be alternating, i.e. workout 1, next day workout 2, day after workout 1, then day after workout 2, e.t.c.

    i don't think it will be overloading as i am 16, and the workout 1 isn't particularly taxing to my body, just enough to train it.

    any feedback welcome, thank you for reading
    from mini to mighty... (hopefully), training for athleticism, muscle and confidence.
    age: 16 height: 5'11.5" weight:135.8lbs (120lbs start)
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    It's better than nothing but I think you'd be better off if you just took a break for the week and hit the weights hard when you got back. And on holidays your always moving around so if your eating enough food I don't think you'll loose any of your gains.
    Height:6ft 2in

    working on it

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