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Thread: Diet help

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    Diet help

    6"4 210lbs about 15% body fat.
    I want to lean up and get under 10% body fat while maintaining what muscle i have.

    Below is my current diet which I know is not ideal it has been bourne out of a cross between a decent diet and laziness.

    I would appreciate comments and how I can get this to be a better diet (i.e. adding in more veg/fruit)

    breakfast 7 - 60grams oats, 40 grams reflex, fresh fruit, orange juice

    10am - chicken 200 grams, 50 grams brown rice, olives

    2pm - 200 grams chicken

    5.30pm - 40 grams protein shake

    6.30/7ish train

    post train

    50 grams dextrose
    50 grams protein

    9.30/10 - 200 grams chicken

    pre bed 50 gams protein

    Are the amounts good/bad? specifically post workout is it too much dextreose? what should I snack on? etc?

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    Macros? Is it working?
    Nick V

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    The lack of dietary fat is a glaring omission. Why have you not included any? (and unless that's a jar of olives at 10am, no, that's not enough)

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