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Thread: 7/25/09 Raw bench pr vid

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    7/25/09 Raw bench pr vid

    I went in tonight only planning on hitting my opener of 570. That went smoothly. For some reason I just really wanted to go 605. I thought it would give me great confidence going into the meet. I hit a pr with it as my best ever prior was 600. I could have made it easier on myself had I not driven off my toes. I pushed off the balls of my feet instead of my heals. This happens once in a while and it drives me nuts.

    I have now pushed 3 very good pr's consecutively in three weeks (this was also on only 6 days rest since my last ME unlike my usual 7). Next week is a deload and I will be fresher than ever for my meet on 8/8. My bodyweight is about 316. I'm going to try and pump it up to 320 by meet week, but I will make the cut to 308. 10-12lbs is an easy cut.

    Thanks to our crew. Rhodes is an awesome coach and handler. Plus you guys would not believe it, he's actually getting in shape. He's getting abs. I don't care what they all say about you Matt, stick with it. DD, Josh, Drew, and Brian were all very helpful tonight and throughout the training cycle. Their lifting is coming along nicely also. Life is good!

    I'm off to contrast shower. Good night all.

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