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Thread: training and sports

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    training and sports


    i have a quick question regarding weight training on a day which i am supposed to play a sport (hockey).

    i'm just wondering if it would effect my gains if i were to say work a non-lower body muscle group early in the day, and then play hockey later in the evening.


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    Gains would not be effected. The guys that are best in their professional sports work out consistently regardless of if they have a game at night or not. I saw an article about Roger Clemens workouts and the days he pitched he would wake up and run 5 miles and then have an awesome workout, THEN he would pitch.

    You have to continue to exercise while in season or your body breaks down because it falls out of shape.

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    roger clemons was probably roided out and had crazy recovery time when that was happening.

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    Don't weight train the day you have a game.
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    hockeys all legs man so maybe try upper body and not legs that day. but def not on game day. gotta focus on that. i play hockey too, prob should know since im canadian lol

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