Ok guys, I need some help.
I'm cutting for a fight, and coming off of my last weight cut, I can't seem to lose weight, and it's extremely frustrating.
Before my last cut I weighed 133 steady, and made an easy cut to 129. Afterwards, my weight shot up to 140, and stayed there. It literally would take me 2 months to get back down to 133.

Since 2 months is too long in between fights, I had to figure out why it takes so long to drop weight. I was eating 1800 calories/day, and still not losing any weight.

After troubleshooting my diet with a dietitian, he thought I should zig-zag my calories. He also thought for my level of activity, I was eating too few calories, so he asked that I increase my calories to 2800/day for 4 days, then 2400/day for 4 days. He said my weight would increase, but then I would start to lose weight as my metabolism revved up.
So I tried that, and now my weight is stuck at 144! This is the absolute most I've ever weighed in my life, and I'm working out harder and more than I ever have before. I ride my bicycle 30/min every morning before eating, avg. 22 mph. Then in the afternoon I spend two hours doing bjj/wrestling/boxing
On the flip side, I am not drinking all that much water.
I need some advice, or a pointer in the right direction.
Thanks guys.

Recently, I have been eating 1800 cal/day or so.