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    Ajack's SS Log

    UPDATE! 12/09/09

    Currently preparing for my first meet April 25th. Using 5/3/1 methods.

    Body weight is up to 205

    Current Maxes are:
    Squat 385
    Bench 295
    Dead 450

    See post 79 for current programming.

    EDIT: Now doing starting strength, see further posts for SS workouts.

    I want to create this log for a couple reasons


    Back story:
    About 2 years ago I weighted 155lbs, trained and ate hard and got up to about 207. Two 21 credit semesters and a graduation later I'm back down to 183lbs and weak as ****. My appetite too has been shot, and I've been eating like crap.

    Short Term Goals:
    Build strength fast in many core lifts, and hope muscle memory will help me get back to my former physique.
    Start eating like a man again.

    Long term Goals:
    Stronger and bigger than you.

    Plan: -Training: I've always had the most success with a push/pull/legs split. 3 days a week and trying to add weight each week until I can't anymore.

    Monday: Legs
    Squats 4x6-10
    Posterior chain movement: SLDL, GM's, Pull Throughs
    Weighted Abs

    Wednesday: Push
    Bench 4x 6-10
    Side raises

    Friday: Pull
    Deadlift 4x5
    DB Rows/BB Rows
    Chin Ups

    Sticking to a few movements per session to be able to hit them as hard as I can, build GPP, and gain strength throughout.

    More foods, lots more, not crap either, ok maybe some crap.

    Fish Oils
    You know, the basics.

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