So I have been fooling around with my bench form to try and hit that "perfect" hand spacing. I watched the recent Dave Tate video and realized my shoulder/elbow mechanics are off. He preached in the video to tuck the elbows down which in turn fires off your lats which allows you to push harder. I can compare this to how much more I can press on military when I pinch my shoulder blades hard. The problem I have been having is that I bench fairly wide, index fingers on the rings...sometimes slightly outside the rings. I cannot, for the life of me, tuck my elbows down with a grip this wide.

So my question is, to the big benchers out there who use this kind of form, do you put your hands closer together to achieve this "elbow tuck"? I am afraid to start switching hand positions because I have made great progress on my bench...I was able to push 275x2 the other day but I feel like I may be able to go up with just a form change. I did try putting my hands closer together but I felt like I couldnt push the bar as hard. Ideally, I'd like to get the elbow tuck while still utilizing the wide grip but I have a lot of trouble keeping my wrists straight and then I lose all of my power.

FYI, I am tall with very long arms this is why I choose to bench wide in the first place. I have been having shoulder pain in my non dominant shoulder which lead me to find Dave Tate's video in the first place.