I really like the article. I am looking ahead to after my competition when I will want to cut (that's a relative term for me). I am going to try and follow the principles of your article. I am a huge believer in nutrient timing.

I see how you want to minimize spikes in insulin hence only 3 to 4 meals with carbs. That being said if I were to add two meals of just Nitrean between my three food meals would that be ok? If it is ok, should I be taking in any fats with the shakes or should I just throw in my healthy (fish oil pill and or various nuts) fats with my food meals.

I could force the shakes down with my food meals if I have to. It would just be great to have them between meals if it fits your plan. I'm so sick of being heavy. I will start my transformation the day after my meet. My goal is to drop 35-40 by the end of November.