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Thread: Doing Warm Ups

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    Doing Warm Ups

    How important are they?

    I learned my lesson today, strained a muscle near my groin. Weirdest ****ing feeling too, like its tugging at my sack

    Anyways I plan on doing some stretches and warm-ups from now on. But I've seen some warms on here and they look ridiculous (like several sets). I assume warm-ups become increasingly important as you life more?

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    As the weights get heavier, the warmups become critical. I spend 10-20 minutes warming up, depending on what I am doing that day. Squat/DL warmups take the longest. I always do the following prior to lifting any weight on squat or deadlift day:

    - 15 forward leg swings (each leg)
    - 15 side-to-side leg swings (each leg)
    - 15 Banded Hip Abductions
    - 20 Terminal Knee Extensions (each leg)
    - 10 Split Squats (each leg)
    - 15 Shoulder Dislocates w/ PVC pipe
    - 10 GHR Situps
    - (complete two rounds of the above movements in a circuit fashion, no resting, this is warmup)
    - 2-3 sets of 3 quick, explosive high jumping (as high as you can), tucking knees to chest at top and firing from full tuck at bottom (this gets my CNS started).

    Link to some good dynamic hip warmup stuff:

    Link to TKEs:

    This warmup has helped me out a lot. You should also pickup a couple of Purple (Light) JumpStretch bands from EFS to do the hip abductions and TKEs. The TKEs are the greatest thing I ever started doing for my knees.
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