I'm coaching football this year after a few years off and I'm back working with the Varsity, but no longer in charge of the weight room. I know a lot more now than I did then and am frustrated with the "program" we are using now. It's basically thrown together that day, reps vary depending on what the coach wants to do, exercises include the basics, but in higher rep ranges and cleans (I hate this exercise) are the focus point.

For the season, he wants to use a circuit. I would rather use a Wendler 531 approach. This is for several reasons:

Our kids are weak, I think I can get them stronger during the season. I know this is difficult with the amount of energy used in practice, but I think with the low volume and "lighter" weights, we would have some success.

Our kids don't know how to push themselves, Wendler takes care of the weight for the main lift.

I will have two days a week for lifting and limited time. 531 can be adjusted to fit my circumstances.

I don't want my kids doing cleans. They don't know technique at all, I don't know it enough to coach them and neither do the other coaches. I'm watching kids try to do them and am just waiting for an injury. I know just enough about technique to sound like I know, but I'm just saying the things I have seen on videos.

There are huge differences in strength between the kids on our team. This hurts the idea of a circuit, especially the way our coach wants to run it, ie. set weight, no changes on the bars, the entire team at once, even if that means 30 stations. With Wendler, the differences are accounted for.

I also want to split the team based on position, I can do that and still have the entire team lifting at once, they would just be on different lifts on different days. This would also allow a coach to watch a main lift and help with technique (technique is a concern for many of our kids).

I am going to talk to the head coach about this, but I wanted to hear some opinions first. Worst case, I would like to take the LB's (my position) and have them do my workout.