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Thread: rear delts for benching

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    rear delts for benching

    On a PL bench technique, how does the rear delts come into play? Secondly, what are some good lifts that will hit the rear delts that are beneficial toward benching?

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    As stabilizers and for overall shoulder health and stability. Try DB rows, face pulls, reverse pec deck, and band pull-aparts.
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    I like chest supported reverse flyes... it works wonders.
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    on the AtLarge webpage we have a video of George Halbert doing some H-rolls. It's been a massive help to my shoulders and rear delts.

    Rear delts help stabilize your shoulders when benching, since the front delts obviously get stronger, you need to balance out your shoulder development by getting bigger rear delts

    don't forget to hit the upper back as well.

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    when bringing the bar down, pull your arms out towards pinkies will activate your rear delts/lats & take some weigh off your chest.
    Try it'll feel it a bit.
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    All of the above, thick rear delts will help stop you flattening out too.
    I have found training rear delts really helps my bench.

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    H-rolls require to have some flexability.......... just a warning! I couldn't do them at first had to work on my flexability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtron View Post
    I like chest supported reverse flyes... it works wonders.
    Agreed! I do these after face-pulls on ME bench day.

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