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Thread: Bill starrs 5x5

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    Bill starrs 5x5

    Hey guys I was going to the gym this time last year pretty consistant and getting good results but than i got a Full time job and i lost my licence and i am going to finally make time to go to the gym again and wanted to start on the bill starrs 5x5 because thats what i use to do but instead this time i dont want to do the squats part, not because i dont like them but because my legs are still pretty big .. So i was wondering what else i could do instead of the Squats??

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    The squats are fundamental to the program.

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    Squats are literally the base of the program...
    Brad08 has some insight for people who don't understand... anything.
    This is so ****ing ******ed it's almost beyond belief. So, if you eat 3k, you will automatically gain 3k worth of fat or muscle? Incredible. And here I am eating all this food, yet maintaining my weight. Fascinating.

    You're one of those pussies that counts his almonds I bet.

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    Wow, I understand that your legs are big, but doing Starr's 5X5 without squats is like lifting weights with no weight.
    Give chalk a chance.

    49 years old

    665 squat
    700 deadlift
    325 bench

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    ya, I'd find a different routine that fits your needs better.
    Probably something with a deadlift focus.
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    The best gym advice I ever received: SQUAT!

    It sounds like you are more concerned with aesthetics rather than strength. If that's the case you should look into something totally different, as this program is rooted in strength progress.

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    Bill Starr's program is a strength program above everything else. The squat isn't in there because it has aesthetic benefits, although that is a plus. The squat is in there because it is one of the cornerstones of strength.

    There aren't many good programs that don't include a squat variation. Not many at all.

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