Don't know if I've actually balanced being/doing all this yet, but I'm trying. I'm young enough to keep bustin' ass in the gym, old enough to know I need to be smart about it and ,hopefully, wise enough to know, and accept, that the father thing takes precedence over everything. Due to that last one I often come to halts in progress, and even regress quite often. Over the years I have slowly gotten stronger/better, but it has been a long, slow, hard fought process. I'm currently around 193lbs and fairly lean. Thanks in large part to my new job which is very physical, in a cardio sense. Strength is ok, bench around 320, squat around 350 and pull around 440. Have been taking fish oil and some joint crap to help with my knees, but my right one still bugs me some(again, thanks to my job). Don't know why I started a new journal. I guess because even though things haven't changed, they have. There's this mental line in my head between what I was doing and what I'm doing now, so a new journal seemed like a good idea. As for competing in anything, it's not in the plans, but not out of the question. If things fall into place and the planets line up right, I would gladly accept the challange of competition.

OK, enough bable. I'll put up some current photo's later. Here's this weeks workouts so far. As a side note, I have been lifting at home again.

Monday 8/3/09

10 pullups
10 db swings per arm(25lb db)
10 plyo pushups
10 knee tucks
-Perform circuit as many times as possible in 20min. I got 7 rds in.

Boxing(3min rounds w/30sec punchouts at the end of each round)
2 rounds jump rope
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds slip rope
4 rounds heavy bag

-Fast & Furious is the name given to that circuit in Ross Enamait's book Infinite Intensity. It is tough as hell.

Tuesday 8/4/09

5min jog warmup;

Box Squat 170*5*5
Power Clean 185*1*5
Lunge 135*8,8
RDL 270*8,8
Stand Calves 340*10,8
Static Holds 315*54sec,30sec

-Ok w/o. Cleans felt heavy and so did calves.

Wednesday 8/5/09

Boxing(3min rounds)
3 rounds jump rope
3 rounds shadow boxing
3 rounds heavy bag
2 rounds double end bag
2 rounds sparring w/Al
2 rounds mitts

-Legs were sore, but felt good. Even feel ready to fight again possibly.

Thursday 8/6/09

5min shadow box warmup;

Bench 160*5*5
Lockouts(hole #10) 245*8,8
V-Bar Pullups BW*8,8
V-Bar Cable Row 180*8,7
DB Shoulder Press 60*8,7
EZ Preacher Curl 95*8,5
Skull Crush 115*8,8

-Felt good.

Friday 8/7/09


Boxing(3min rounds)
2 rounds shadow boxing
2 rounds heavy bag
2 rounds double end bag
3 rounds sparring w/Al
1 round jump rope

-Felt worn out.