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Thread: Another Pullup Question

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    Another Pullup Question

    If I am doing chins and pullups each once a week as part of a routine, is it somewhat redundant on the same muscles if I use a close grip on the pullup? I know that they work different muscle groups, but a tighter pullup grip is going to target the arms more than the back. I'm wondering if, since I already do chins on one day, if I should move my grip out on the pullups.

    Maybe this is a useless question, but I am just curious if anyone has any info on this.

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    I'd say that this is kinda pointless in all honesty. Switch your grips as you please, but it really won't make much of a difference. The simple fact that you are pulling yourself up often is all that matters, and it is a very good thing!
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    I think youd appreciate, in the long run, a shouldr width grip or a bit wider. Get your back and lats taken care of, the arms will come.

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    I like to use a grip that allows me to do the most reps or lift the most weight. If/when you stall, the grip is something easy to change to get progress moving again.

    On that note, I just pick either chinups OR pullups, because that's also an easy to change to make when things stall.

    It's kind of like doing wide grip bench and neutral grip bench. I never do both together in the same routine. But if I stall on one, then switching to the other is an easy change.

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    Work on the one that's harder for you. I could easily do chinups. But have issues with pullups

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Coqui, I do both chins and pullups... chins are much easier for me. I think I'll move my pullup grip slightly out. The main issue for me is the stupid machine doesn't have the bar where my hand placement would naturally go for pullups (it's an assisted dip/pullup/chinup station, and the stupid assist thingy always gets in the way of my workout, too, unless I'm doing dips... it doesn't fold away very well).

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