I jsut caught a couple of heats of this PL comp on ESPN. pretty fookin impressive.

right now this american chick Jill Mills is in the lead and this relatively little Finnish girl named Anna something with K, is in second.

Jill Mills squatted a car for 8 reps, another American, Debbie Coleman (6 ft tall) squatted it for 15. The little Finnish girl kicked ASS on the farmer's walk tho - 25 seconds i think.

Jill looks like she's been enhanced in the past, but i can't really tell with the finnish girl. they are all some rather big gels tho. but it's kinda cool seeing these chicks who are really strong who just might possibly be nattie as well.

still damn impressive tho. they look nothing like the chicks who do bb comps. but perhaps it's cuz there bf levels are fairly high.