This is my attempt to get back into shape. I was on my way to doing so a couple years ago when I stopped lifting to focus on BJJ and Judo. Shortly after that, a tournament injury forced me to stop for months. After I was healed I took the lazy route and did nothing. I blew up to a 185 pound butterball, the heaviest and fattest I've ever been in my life.

Finally several factors came together and I became disgusted with myself. I dieted away 15 pounds and that's where I stalled at for close to a month until the obvious hit me and I decided to start lifting again. I've been following Starting Strength for the past few weeks.

My starting weights were:
Press: 55
Bench Press: 75
Squat: 115
Deadlift: 135
Power Clean: 65

These are the goals that I set down a month ago before I started lifting again.
Short Term Goals (all 5 reps):
Press: 90
Bench Press: 135
Squat: 180
Deadlift: 225
Power Clean: 130

Long Term Goals (all 5 reps):
Press: 115
Bench Press: 165
Squat: 225
Deadlift: 260
Power Clean: 160

Weight wise I'd like to be at 155 with 10% or less bodyfat. I'm not dead set on that number; but at 5'4" I don't know if my frame is suited for too much more than that.

My warmup consists of either a stationary bike or just riding my bike to the gym (depends on the day). I also do all the suggested warmup sets from the logbook calculator.

Wednesday's working sets (lbs):
Squat (3x5): 165
Bench Press (3x5): 100
Deadlift (1x5): 185

Friday's working sets (lbs):
Squat (3x5): 170
Press (3x5): 80
Power Clean (5x3): 90

Embarrasingly, I missed the last rep on every set of the press. Strike one, hopefully I'll get it next time.