OK, give us a balls story, fellers. I don't care if it took place in the workplace or at a club, bar, restaurant, whatever.

Got one from just earlier today to get the ball rollin'. Had a client complain because I asked him for his signature on a contract (wich was the final link in a chain that allowed him to get a fack-ton of cash). He whined that I was creating "a bureucratic headache." Guy is usually pretty condescending.

I usually just shrug off such stuff but was feeling frisky and alive. Blame it on the venti French roast.

"At what point along life's journey did you decide to be such a dick, Mr. &%&^$," I asked.

He was a bit stunned and mumbled "pardon?" I just waited. "What was that?" He tried to toughen up.

"We don't need your business any more, Mr. $%$^. Your arrogance is uncalled for and I've had just about enough of it."

I hung up.

He calls back immediately and apologizes. End of story.