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    Barbaccio's Journal

    37 y/o
    Squat: 905
    Bench: 800
    Dead: 740
    Total: 2400

    Hoping to go 2500 before this year is out.
    Currently using:
    Preds w/ Inzer Leviathan
    Double Ply F6
    Single Ply Inzer Hardcore

    My schedule is as follows:
    Sunday: Off
    Monday: Geared Bench (Zane McCaslin Routine)
    Tuesday: Raw 5/3/1
    Wednesday: Raw 5/3/1
    Thursday: Raw 5/3/1
    Friday: Off
    Saturday: Geared Squat (Westside/BIG Hybrid)

    Looking forward to keeping the journal here. Lots of good lifters like Rhodesy, Bell, Vinny, and Rob that I hope to get feedback from.
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