Treston Shull smashed a 900 squat and took 950 on a third, but just couldn't quite finish it. He benched 670 and I left before he pulled.

Dave Schwab I think ended up with a 805 squat and a 6 something bench - again I left before he pulled too.

I opened up with 730 and it was ugly, but 2 whites.

Second was 765, nailed it. 2 whites (one red for my butt I guess)

Third I went ahead and called for 800. It shot off my chest like a rocket and I came within about an inch from locking it out, but no dice. I called for the spotters to take it. Ah well. Next time.

I've put on 65lbs on my bench in the last 12 months so I'm happy with that.

PeteTheGreek got my attempts on video so he'll upload those sometime next week I expect.

a HUGE thanks to AtLarge Nutrition because they have been and continue to be my biggest supporters and play a huge role in my ability to continually hit PRs. Chris and Daniel are two of the best guys you'll meet. Thanks a lot guys.