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Thread: Functional Strength

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    Functional Strength

    Just wondering in what ways have you noticed lifting helps in every day activities?

    I LOVE being able to make one trip from the car to my apartment with groceries, one heavy bag on each finger. Thank you deadlifts!

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    I almost forgot.....the other day I just got a key for my mailbox here for the first time. I put it in the lock and tried twisting it, and it wasn't budging, so I gave it a little umf just in case it was stuck, and the key broke off in the lock. Definitely never had that happen before. I don't care why it happened, I'm attributing it to the superhuman strength I'm gaining.

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    The only place where you can mix Alcohol and Live Ammunition and its called a "Family Outing", Texas
    My mother uses me as her own personal fork lift, she always has me move and carry big **** all over the place and all over the house, and doing things for her outside that she cant do, planting trees moving refrigerators. She says my wife is going to love having me around to move all of her stuff for

    Being strong has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks like when people always want me to help them move, or beat someone up, or carry a load of something and im like ahhhh no, screw

    for the most part tho being strong is a lot of fun
    Why live if one can not Deadlift?- John Paul Sigmasson

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    Deadlifts and sandbags are great for functional strength.

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    I could always load my atv into my truck alone with no ramps.... If that counts

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    Making a single trip from the car with groceries has always been nice (also being able to carry 4-6 gallons of milk at once through the grocery store at once). Besides that, being able to move heavy stuff easily s always fun.

    The absolute best time I had was doing lawn work at a new house we moved into. There were like 4 pecan trees on the property and there were about a thousand little sapplings growing in the yard. I had so much fun DLing those little ****ers out of the ground... it was hella GPP. I swear they were giving me 300-400lbs of resistance.
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