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Thread: Box squat vs conventional squat numbers

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    Box squat vs conventional squat numbers

    How close do your guys box squat numbers come to your regular squat

    numbers? Which one should I be putting up higher numbers on? I just started

    doing boxsquats and they are kicking my arse! Also are they worth doing or

    should I just stick with the standard style squat?

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    Box Squats are def worth doing and stick to them

    I have yet to notice and relationship with box Squat to back squats

    like personally i can squat a lot more regular that box, plus i use a low box, the higher the box the closer it will be you your max, and when i use a box thats just above parallel they are close, but on the box i use now which is 3-4 inches below parallel for me its a tad lower

    to if u use a low box it should be lower than ur squat, and if its a high box it should be similar
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