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Thread: Lifting gurus

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    Skip Hill and Dante Trudel are the only ones I listen to on a routine basis who I have found to be helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belial View Post
    A 110 pound woman named Stephanie, with quads bigger than mine are now, who 11 years ago saw me squatting in the gym and said "what on EARTH are you doing?". She proceeded to demonstrate correct form, encourage me to stop eating like a little bitch, and otherwise slapped some sense into me.

    That lady taught me more about weightlifting than any other individual. Ever.
    sounds like an amazing person
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    My mentor? It would have to be everyone here on WBB as well as all the Dave Tate and Louie Simmons videos I watch on youtube.

    I'm glad I found this place instead of subscribing to some bobdybuilding mags.
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    I started lifting weights again about three months ago and had to build up from the empty bar. I bought John McCallum's book for inspiration.

    It's great! Hands-down the best writer in the iron game. Maybe not the most perfect, modern, cutting-edge advice, but it's good solid information presented in a form of prose generally unequalled in fitness books. I might just start a thread on McCallum actually...

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