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    Lifting gurus

    How about a discussion on who's your weight lifting mentor, what type of system they endorse, and the pros/cons/similarities of each.

    I'll start...If I had to pick just one person, it would be Stuart McRoberts. McRoberts wrote several books, the more popular ones would be Brawn and Beyond Brawn, which deal with his prefered system of weight training. He believes in the old system of building strength and size; compound movements (squats, deads, bench, etc.), working the full body twice a week, abreviated routines, minimal sets, and getting stronger to get bigger. He was one of the first guys to popularize the cycles; working up to a new max, dropping the weight and working back up to a new max. He was also a big proponent of big eating as long as the body fat didn't get too out of hand (>15%). Do you see a lot of similarities to Starting strength?

    In his later writings (starting with Beyond Brawn) he really started to get too conservative with safety. He started to recomend not doing things like barbell rows, limiting the range of motion, and using machines in place of standard barbell exercises. That's where he kind of lost me.

    He also had a great magazine by the name of Hardgainer. It was full of great writers like Christy, Whelan, Kubik, Connor, and Dr.Ken. He also had a website with a great forum. Many of the writers from Hardgainer would drop by the forum and answer questions. I haven't been there in a long time, so I'm not sure if it's still running.

    A typical McRoberts routine:

    Squat 1x20
    Stifflegged deadlift 1x12
    Bench press 2x6
    Chinups 2xMax
    Heelraise 2x12

    Deadlift 2x6
    Shoulder press 2x6
    Curls 2x6
    Situps 2xMany
    L-fly 2x12

    <edit> I think this is a FANTASIC way for a beginner to train!!! Once you reach a point that you've built a solid foundation, move on to something different and suited more for an intermediate lifter. I think a nice way to do it is to move on to specialization routines, and then revisit this type of training again to build a wider base.
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