At my school we have a fairly nice gym, it's not beautiful or super stacked but theres basically everything you need. So over the summer instead of re-newing my gym membership I just signed up for weightlifting this year. Turns out I didn't get it because there was a surplus of freshman this year and instead of there being 3 class slots for weightlifting theres now only 1 because freshman are required to have p.e. and the only gym class they took away from is weightlifting. They didn't take away from "net sports" , "gymnastics" , Swimming , basketball , running , or general p.e. they took away from weightlifting. Now my gripe here is that the weight room is no where near the actual gym so why they couldn't of just have it anyway? Now I feel stupid and have to wait to pay $150 for a new 1 yr membership instead of spending $75 to renew it.

Oh yeah if you're wondering why is it $150 it's the only actual gym I live by and I would have to travel like 20 miles to the closest one on the bus . Ironically though i'm surrounded by y.m.c.a's and other "lunk-alarm" gyms.