We have two spots open for training partners with our crew. We train in Wallingford, CT. It's a great facility and it is free. We bench on a Forza bench and "they" (I don't attend squat night) squat on an EliteFTS monolift. You will be required to make bench nights, Friday's starting between 5:30-6:00, and squat nights, Wednesday's starting between 5:30-6:00 also.

We are looking for two dedicated lifters. You do not have to be an elite lifter, you just need to have a good attitude, a thick skin, and be willing to listen and work hard. Also, most of us are in gear, but it's ok if you train raw. However, you are required to be on the bench and the monolift as long as the crew is. You can't just hit your sets and take off for assistance--unless you're Rhodes--just kidding Matt.