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Thread: Deadlift & Squat Question

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    Deadlift & Squat Question

    Deadlift question: Rip in SS talks about the hip angle, and how it should be higher than the knee, as opposed to squats where it is parallel (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm wondering, if I don't have the flexibility to maintain that arch with a higher hip angle, is it that detrimental to have a lower hip angle to protect that arch?

    Squat Question: How important is the angle of the back in terms of being somewhat leaned forward (not straight up and down)? I don't think my back angle has been tilted enough (not straight up and down by any means), but when I lean forward more it seems harder on my hip flexors.

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    I would take a video of your lift and post that for everyone to critique.

    Depending on your body mechanics sometimes a different style may be better suited (and safer) for you.
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