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Thread: Bench press and sore wrists

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    Bench press and sore wrists

    When setting up to bench press I set the bottom palm of my hand onto the bar so that the weight is travelling straight through the forearm and not through the wrist and then the forearm, like rippetoe explains to do.
    When doing relativley light weights I have no problems but once I start benching heavy weights (well heavy for me) after the first couple of reps I find it difficult to grip the bar in the same manner as I set up too and my grip position seems to move and the weight shifts onto my wrists which can be very painful and sometimes forces me to have to rack the bar and reset my grip.
    Can anyone give me any tips on how I can correct this, is it I simply need to focus more on my form or could it be weak forearms that are causing the problem?
    I appreciate any feedback, cheers.
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    i had this problem I did a little bit of forearm work and the next week i was good to go. Try direct forearm work and see how it turns out. I put my forearm work on deadlift day after deadlifts that way i know they've had plenty of time to repair come next bench day. my split is bench/dead/off/arms&shoulders/squat then im off on the weekends. so thats a good 5 days off. I just state this because whether you know it or not forearms are used in alot of workouts, just like shoulders. so proper planning is good
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    Try squeezing the bar as hard as possible if you aren't already doing it. If this doesn't work, you could use some wrist wraps when you bench and do assistance work to build up the forearms and grip.

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    okay thanks for the help. Dynamo I do starting strength so would you think it would be best to add some forearm work such as wrist curls to workout A, after i deadlift? I have never realy done direct forearm work so am unsure as to what the most effective exercises are.
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    Along with all of this you may want to look into getting some wrist wraps.

    I will generally wrap my wrists with anything over 225 lbs. If you are training for powerlifting they are allowed in competition and if you are training for size then you don't want your wrist strength to hold you back.

    APT Pro Wrist Straps has a number of different types and colors, most of them are just over $10 for a pair and will last years.
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