I have been lifting for about a year or so. Have some gains, but not as much as I should do. I still have quite a lot of fat on me. Spring has just started here, and summer will be early so I want to loose the fat and get to at least 10% bf before then (don't know what I am now, my guess is 20%ish). After this I want to do a slow bulk, so I can build muscle while maintaining a low bf %.

What would be the best way for me to achieve this?

I have been on a modified version of WBB 1.1, and thinking about changing to BGB. I have slowly been lowering my calories and carbs also.

Would the best thing for me to do be not switch routines just yet, but keep that up lifting heavy and keep dropping my calories, then once I have the lower bf% switch to the BGB routine for my slow bulk?

Any input appreciated