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    progress from SS

    hi, im just making this thread cause ive seen alot of new comers on here question starting strength. well i was a new comer a couple of months ago and i took some advice from some of the members and started doing SS and stuffin my face. here's my results to prove SS does work.

    when i first started im 5'6 i weighed a 140 soaking wet. i was skinny!
    on all of my working sets this is what i started with
    i benched 95
    squated 185
    deadlift 185

    now my working sets are
    bench 165
    squat 275
    deadlift 315
    i have yet to have ME day i probly should .
    and here is a pic i took today 5 months after starting SS. im completely relaxed, not flexing at all i dont have a before pic, i wish i did though. im weighing in at 165

    im still not where i want to be but im just trying to prove that SS + food = good beginner results.
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