For the past couple months I've been getting a sharp burning pain in my right elbow whenever I do anything involving my triceps. Not sure if it's actually the elbow or a tendon connecting my tricep, but it's right in that area. I usually don't feel it when warming up but once I start getting into heavier weight on bench it hurts like a bitch. It also hurts doing dips and any tricep exercise, like pushdowns, etc.

The thing is, it doesn't really hurt much even a couple hours after a heavy bench workout, and my elbow never aches during the week. Would never know there's a problem till I start upping the weight. I've taken time off from chest/tricep work, gone light for a couple weeks, nothing has helped. This is driving me insane and absolutely killing my bench progress. I figured it was just a strain or something and would go away after a few weeks but instead it's been lingering forever. Any ideas?