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Thread: Doc put me on cortisol....

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    Doc put me on cortisol....

    I figured this would be the best place to ask this question. I have never used steroids in my life but I know a good bit about them and I know to many cortisol is seen as the worst possible thing you can put into your body for body building.

    I have no choice though because I have an ulcer in my stomach that is not healing. The doc says it could become a routine thing. How affected do you guys think I will be by a standard cortisol dose? I have come so far its going to suck to lose it all =(.

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    Do you mean cortisone?
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    what you're talking about is a corticosteroid, which is nothing like AAS. i'm going to move this over to general health for you.

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    ^^ What he said.

    "Steroid" is actually an organic chemistry term used to describe a class of molecules. Anabolic steroids have hijacked the word, so that any time the word "steroid" is brought up, people automatically think AAS.
    There are lots of steroids that are already present in your body, and others used for medicinal purposes that have pretty much nothing in common with AAS.

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    That would suck to be put on cortisol. Hope you really meant cortisone!

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    cholesterol is a steroid just forf future reference a steroid is anything with the 4 ring complex as shown here:
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