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Thread: Sore shoulder when doing Dips?

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    Sore shoulder when doing Dips?

    G'day Guys and Gals,

    As some of you may or may not know, I don't have access to a bench currently and thus am doing weighted dips as a substitute (note: I'm not training to be a competitive powerlifter, thus please no replies of "ZOMG get on da bench dips r 4 luzerz"). I find that when I'm doing Dips (ring dips if it makes a difference) that I get a dull ache both in the front of my left shoulder near say the head of the humerus and also in the rear slightly above and to the right of the top of my armpit (pardon the poor explanations). I've had a few people watch my form and none have detected any real imbalances in the movement pattern/biomechanics. The ache also goes away within say 10-20 minutes of finishing the dips.

    As for shoulder flexibility, I think my case is a bit odd. I can overhead squat 60kg fairly well (say 3-5 reps) as well as being able to snatch. That being said, when I squat I cannot get my hands very close to my shoulders at all and that I get a dull ache in my RIGHT shoulder if I try bring them in too close.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
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