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    So, after being a member here for a long time, and not sticking with the guns, I'm tired of it. I guess there comes a time when you really do just get tired of the way things are, the way you look, feel, and hell even the way you act. I come for a long journey and struggle with weight. I started out at 464lbs back in 2007, worked my ass off, got my diet in check and lived in a gym. Here I am now and 330lbs, was closer to 300 even but fell off the wagon. At least I'm not 400+ anymore right? I'm looking for 275, no questions asked no excuses. No bull****ting around. I know there will be bad days, but I'm sticking with it. I'm going to keep the journal updated with weights as often as I can, at least weekly, and the progress I make. So, here we go, off to another start. We'll see where we end up.


    Here comes the long road of getting the diet in check and back on a steady workout routine. Good times starting over.
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