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    Today's workout sucked, but oh well.

    Barbell Complex
    Barbell Rows
    Power Cleans
    Front Squat
    Push Press
    Back Squat
    Good Mornings
    I did 3 sets, 6 reps, 105lbs. Intensity today was that of a new born. I felt slow, sluggish, worn out. I got MAYBE 3.5 hours of sleep last night between the stupid kids next door, and my male yorkie trying to eat them through the fence. I was borderline going to the parents and asking them to politely stop beating on our fence right next to our window. Yes, we do sleep during the day since we both work nights, but they were just being crazy with the hammer on the fence, and their parents are always understanding.
    PWO Cardio: 15 Minutes really slow on the bike. That was about all I could muster up. I got a great sweat going, everything felt labored. Was not a good work out, but I'll get some sleep, and have a wonderful squat day tomorrow. Hoorah!
    On a side note, I am feeling quite a bit better now after a long hot shower. I just need some sleep and all will be well. I'm hoping it isn't my carb deficit that's causing me to burn out. I may have to up my refeeds if that's the case, which will slow the weight loss but may be mandatory so that I can at least feel like doing something. Anyone have any suggestions? Is it safe to assume, for the time being, that's it's lack of sleep? I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
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