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You've got some incredible support there and some some very obvious motivations to get to a healthy bodyweight and BMI. Just take it a day and a week at a time and things will come together.

Seeing as you have a trainer (is it a local one by the way?) who is handling your training and diet I won't try and give you too much advice etc.

But if you can rant, well so can I lol. There are a few things I want to say and I want to say them because they personally stopped me making progress for about 10 years. It pains me to even think about it, but I was massively inconsistent and had very poor results for the entire 10 year period. I think it would really help you if you seriously thought about some of the below...The reasons for my rubbish progress for 10 years was:

1. I had mixed goals. I wanted to gain lean muscle, be strong, be lean, be a certain weight etc.. I'd try and diet (in a wrong fashion, see below) and then get frustrated when I wasn't getting stronger. And then the next day I would be disappointed about how little muscle I had. I should have picked ONE GOAL and geared my whole energy and plan around that goal and simple forgot everything else.

The minute I decided my ONLY goal was to be 10% bodyfat, it felt as if the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I hit the weights hard, but I am not beating myself up if I don't progress because my weight and bodyfat is coming down each week and that's quite frankly ALL that matters, NOTHING else.

So I would encourage you to forget about the strongman competitions, about strength, about anything other than getting your weight down to the level that you want. There will be time later to focus on strength or any other goal you want to, but for now put every piece of your energy into one goal that is THE most important to you and that appears to be your bodyweight.

2. Take progressive steps to avoid the continual cycle of failing and picking yourself up. I was SO stupid for trying to keep eating ultra clean or trying complicated diet strategies. I wasn't ready for it and quite frankly it wasn't necessary. I probably started and stopped a diet about 200 times I swear and each time I felt like a piece of **** for not following through on my plan. My life changed when I bought Precision Nutrition. No calorie counting, no cycling of macronutrients - just a focus on eating clean, healthy food that tasted good, controlling portion sizes and some very simple rules around carbohydrates (you have to earn them). That's it and all of a sudden I went from 215 to 200 in about 3 months from just eating cleaner food and smaller portions. Then I moved onto counting calories using fitday, again not worrying so much about cycling any macros, just purely counting macros and calories and keeping things simple, again I dropped to about 190. Then, I hired Shelby Starnes who put my on a carb cycling plan and I am now down to 176. By the time I started working with shelby, even though carb cycling felt a bit over the top, I was so confident in my ability to know what was in foods and what the right foods were, it was pretty easy.

I guess I am saying be careful to not make things more complicated than it has to be for where you are at. If you have a lot of fat to lose and seem to be struggling with consistency, I wouldn't really be worrying about complicated methods of dieting. Eat less and eat clean CONSISTENTLY. Then when you plateau, start counting the calories and then the next level is specific dieting strategies. Daniel Roberts outlined exactly the same thing in this article(http://www.wannabebig.com/hypertroph...ional-program/) and I could not agree with him any more.

3. Get a good guy helping you out on the diet front. I am sure your guy is good, I just wanted to make the point that having some experience lay down how to eat means the plan is solid and all you have to do is follow it. I used Unholy on the forums here and then Shelby Starnes and both are absolutely brilliant.

4.If you do struggle with consistency, CHANGE what you are doing. Why the **** I did the same thing over and over and over for 10 years is frickin beyond me. IF it didn't work 10 times, why do it over and over lol.

Just something to think about....
Nice post!

@Mark - Your wife sounds amazing. I'm really glad she's there to support you so much. We could all use that. I don't really have anyone supporting my training purposes except my desire to teach my family by example. My sister and bro-in-law are squatting now and are roughly following what I tell them to do, and I know that the more successful I am the more inspired they will be to follow in my footsteps. I feel like I have all this knowledge I've gained here at WBB, but it's hard to get people to listen to me when I am average-looking myself, so I'm doing everything I can to change that. Maybe I can become a trainer one day and rather than train people to do curls (like the trainers at my gym) I can teach people to squat and diet properly haha.

I've got faith in you. You've seriously busted your ass for a while now. The drive inside of you will get you to your goals